A touch of class

It’s one thing to look the part, quite another to feel the part too. The Spectra Square-Edge range achieves the feat in remarkable style. From the cold touch of granite and marble to the subtle sensation of wood grain, each of the five carefully selected textures brings more than just a sense of occasion to your kitchen.


This texture subtly and ingeniously replicates the natural grain of real wood.


A gloss surface with multicoloured metallic elements freely distributed within the décor to give a dazzling visual effect.


Used with some of our marble and stone décors, this delicate texture provides a natural look and feel.


Easy to clean and maintain, the non-reflective and subtle unevenness of this texture echoes freshly quarried natural stone.


Our most technologically advanced texture, Sync perfectly synchronises with the shapes and colours of the slate and wood décors on which it’s applied. The result? An amazingly realistic 3D effect that offers all the durability, cleanliness and low-cost benefits of laminate.

†Please Note: The high gloss finish Quartz is more susceptible to scuffs and scratches than other textures, so additional care needs to be taken when using and cleaning.