Spectra Décors

The Spectra Square-Edge decor collection contains a wide selection of colours and texture options giving you plenty of choice.
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Wild Rustic Oak I Wood

New Blocked Walnut I Wood

Grey Shuttered Concrete I Wood

Andromeda White I Quartz

White Terrazzo I Quartz

Sand Spark I Quartz

Andromeda Cloud I Quartz

Grey Peppered Spark I Quartz

New Andromeda Smoke I Quartz

Andromeda Black I Quartz

Carrera Marble I Matt

Grey Lightning Stone I Matt

Natural Limestone I Stone

Spectra Availability

Décor Name Texture Price Band Worktops Island Units / Breakfast Bars Upstands Splashbacks Multipurpose Panel**
2020 x 650 x 22mm* 2020 x 650 x 40mm* 4050 x 650 x 22mm 4050 x 650 x 40mm 2020 x 900 x 22mm* 2020 x 900 x 40mm* 4050 x 900 x 22mm 4050 x 900 x 40mm 4050 x 100 x 12mm 3000 x 1210 x 8mm 4050 x 360 x 22mm
Andromeda Black Quartz B
Andromeda Cloud Quartz B
Andromeda White Quartz A
Black Lightning Marble Matt A
Carrera Marble Matt A
Cotswold Oak Wood A
Grey British Oak Wood A
Grey Lightning Stone Matt A
Grey Peppered Spark Quartz B
Grey Shuttered Concrete Wood A
Italian Marble Matt A
Light Oak Sync B
Lombardy Marble Matt A
Medium Grey Slate Sync B
Natural Limestone Stone A
New Andromeda Smoke Quartz B
New Blocked Walnut Wood A
New Natural Slate Sync B
Pure Concrete Stone A
Sand Spark Quartz B
Summer Emperador Stone A
White Terrazzo Quartz B
Wild Rustic Oak Wood A
Worcester Oak Sync B

*2020mm long worktops and breakfast bars have two long edges and one short edge bonded with the same decorative surface.
**The multi-purpose panel is bonded on both sides with laminate and has ABS / PP colour matching all 4 edges. It is available in all 24 Spectra Square-Edge décors and is used for shelving, cabinet framing and lining open cabinet areas.